The city is the storytell
LONDON IS BLOOMING....and I live by the River

London is blooming _and I live by the river is the title for my dilogical visual research, about the mega-city and their diversity and uniqueness. London as the storyteller provided the framework to create a design language out of the city and to tell a new story with this conceived language was the task.

It was my aspiration to find a adventurous way to London. Out of the commitment to the city without being a Londoner I found a belonging on many different structures and community’s and that gave me the opportunity to get into a process of working and reflecting on the city on various aspects.
It’s fascinating to browse through the different part of the city and every time the scenario is changing there is a moment of reflection and out of that moments I started to get in action. The first question was, is it possible to fined a method to create a architecual language out of this impressions and what kind of documentation and reflection are necessary and useful to run a process of working. The idea was not focusing on architecture itself, its more about talking and listening to the city and its people and there stories. The intension is to absorb the city in a visual and physical way and in the first steps to provide missing links and to amplify the field of activities.
It’s a understanding of prototyping in a more experimental way, because it is not done to optimize ore correct what I found but to get a keen sense by creating new opportunities with immediate proposal that has it own set of rules. Of cores it’s a very specific an personal language that I define but it follows a pattern of the city itself. The fabric of the city and the relationship of building to the ground are sometimes nonlinear but acting as transmitter they are important to find the setup to realize what it is about and what makes it differences. In the context of the Mega_city you can not eliminate the randomness of the selection and the language doesn’t want to represent the city but is related and recharged by the city and the challenge is to respond via architecture and a visual dialog. My goal is to enhance both the material and virtual experience of architecture and urbanity by designing a language and telling a story with it.